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Who We Are

UpSkill Trainers offer career counseling to new immigrants and international students in Ontario so they can make the most of their experience in this great country. We understand how overwhelming it can be to move to a new place, so we work with our team of experienced counselors and provide valuable guidance on all aspects related to finding the right job or career path. Our ultimate goal is to support you during your transition period and help you reach your full potential as soon as possible!

Our Objectives:

  • Resilient workforce.
  • Removing barriers of entry to meaningful and gainful employment.
  • Enhance talent development through trainer-trainee (mentor-mentee) interactions and employer partnerships in targeted sectors.

Who We Help:

  • Anyone who’s interested in advancing their career
  • We have specific programs to help women
  • Immigrants and International students (including youth)
  • Visible minorities (racialized groups)
  • Those who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19

Committed to Help You with the Most Empathetic Solutions

Make yourself well-rounded, gain greater confidence, and be more successful in both work and professional life. You’re never left out or don’t need to feel alienated when you have the most generous and professional people as helping hands. Our programs allow you to access your strengths in a confidential and safe setting. The learning environment we create is customized to your needs and it allows you to spread your wings and take flight.

Career Counseling & Coaching

We help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses and explore the best career options. Let us help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Trainer-Trainee programs

We promote progression & help achieve the highest skill level in different fields. We match the trainees based on their career needs with the most appropriate Subject Matter Experts.

On-the-job Training

We pair the trainees with established businesses for shadowing, to help them understand the benefits and challenges before committing to any specific career.

Student Mentorship

Mentorship can be an invaluable tool for making a successful transition. We provide newcomers with the opportunity to connect with people who have already forged their paths in Canadian society and share their valuable knowledge and advice.

Education Counseling

With the guidance of our experienced counselors, international students can make well-informed decisions about everything from selecting the right program and university to how to pay for tuition and manage their finances.

Certification Support

We assist in career development initiatives by helping to achieve the highest level of certification available in specific fields.


Use our knowledge and network; to get ahead, it is the leverage you need. Knowing about opportunities before they become common knowledge will give you a much-needed edge in today’s competitive landscape.

Navigating Job Market

For newcomers facing financial challenges due to having no job or finding it difficult to navigate through the job market in their niche, we provide with the network, strategy, and ample resources.

Webinars & Workshops

Scholarship scams, online frauds, academic struggles, exploitation by employers, homesickness, etc. - we discuss & address many things in our webinars that happen frequently.

Choose the Right Pathway with a One-on-One Session

Don’t miss out on gaining years of wisdom in just one hour. Get invaluable guidance on your career, support with your studies and work visas, as well as a wealth of cultural tips that will help ensure you have a successful experience in Ontario.

Loved by Community

We take great pride in knowing that we continually receive heartfelt feedback from our happy community members!

“I came to Canada as an international student with a certificate course at york for accounting, and UpSkill Trainers helped me enroll myself in advanced accounting as I was qualified for the same and guided my way to becoming a CPA in Canada. “

Rasleen Kaur

“Advertising was a career I always wanted and the mentors at upskill trainers were the fuel to my dreams by helping me find digital advertising clients and help me fulfill my dream.”

Gurliv Singh

“Our agency's performance has improved because of our partnership with UpSkill Trainers, which also gives our team members a compliant, secure, and healthy working environment. They go above and above what is required of them and are constantly accessible with a team of counselors that is prepared, experienced, and looking out for our best interests.”“I came to Canada with financial planning and within my first chat with Jagdeep Singh as a mentor he inspired me to follow my insight that was marketing and I changed my course and have a successful career in the same.”

Mandeep Singh

“I landed my first job opportunity with the help of Upskill Trainers at a UN affiliated NGO.”

Gundeep Singh

Mentoring International Students in Ontario

UpSkill Trainers focuses on helping international students in Ontario in order to help them with their new journey and mentor them for a better future. We have mentors from across the globe who are experienced individuals able to help students in choosing the right pathway and prevent them from deviating from their goals.

We provide you with tailored advice and support to ensure that you are able to successfully apply for and secure admission to a Canadian university or college.

We assist you with study permit applications and extensions and can provide guidance on finding accommodation and securing scholarships.

We help international students with a variety of bursaries, loans, and emergency funds and services.

We aid students in coping with language barriers, homesickness, and other personal issues effectively and help them adjust to a new academic environment.

462X585 Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to create a resilient workforce by connecting job seekers with fulfilling career opportunities and to support businesses in finding the talent they need to succeed. We provide a personalized and professional experience for both job seekers and employers, fostering a dynamic and inclusive job market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the trusted and preferred partner for job seekers and employers alike, revolutionizing the way people find meaningful work and businesses build their teams. We strive to create a community  where people have access to fulfilling career opportunities and companies have the resources to build upon.

Our Trainers

We engage leading professionals, in order to improve the skills and knowledge of trainees. We also ensure that the trainees are paired with the appropriate Subject Matter Experts as their Trainers.

Alistair Coleman

Principal & Member of B.O.D.

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Raelynn Hill

Vice Principal, Sr. Chemistry Teacher

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Evelyn Clark

Head Mistress

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We bring over 50 years of combined experience in interacting with educated youth toward their career development and growth. We have coached participants through several project streams, both nationally and internationally, guiding them toward successful employment and entrepreneurship.

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Connecting You To A Better Future

We offer mentorship programs and community support initiatives for newcomers and international students in Ontario that help them better integrate into Canadian society and reach their full potential.

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